Michael Aiduss is a leading designer whose innate talent is to create beautiful atmospheric spaces. Undoubtedly they are bold, effortless and timeless and are imbued with sense of luxury and comfort.  Michael Aiduss’ tireless efforts allow him to create bespoke interiors that are specific to each environment. Using references from icons of the past, Aiduss seamlessly threads history into a project and supports the design with his use of materials. These signature traits describe the company’s work and exist as the foundation of each project.

Michael Aiduss works both locally and internationally. The size of a project can range from refurbishing a suite of rooms to conceptualizing and designing a full residence, its grounds, and accessory buildings.  Each project is tailored as best suited for the client.

With a deep appreciation for beautiful materials, Aiduss works with a vast array of old world craftspeople to carry out his designs. He flirts with unusual combinations of finishes and textures in both a classical and modern vernacular.  The end result always compliments his passion for designing form. Aiduss’ love of form is exhibited in both the architecture of his spaces as well as in the furniture and lighting he designs.  Couple this together with a passion for collecting objects of modernity and antiquity, Michael Aiduss hits the mark.

Classically aligned with balance and scale, the work is masterfully tailored for each client and also includes the practical philosophy of designing for longevity.  Aiduss believes the commitment to good design and the willingness of a client to embark on a project shouldn’t be about creating disposable work, but creating an environment to wrap yourself in, like good fashion.

Trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Michael Aiduss has immersed himself in design field for over twenty years.   Before starting his firm in 2010, he worked for Thomas O’Brien of Aero Studios Limited for fourteen years, seven of which he spent directing the architecture and design staff.  During his time there, Aiduss worked with notable clients such as Giorgio Armani, Denzel Washington, and several other high-profile clients.